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... and the state-of-the-art industry solutions from Zeppelin Systems pay off for you: economically as well as ecologically.

Not a trace of excess carbon black, not a gram of silica too little, not a drop of oil or additive in the wrong place: Nothing can be left to chance in the rubber and tire industry, where raw materials with a wide variety of properties are fed into mixing processes. Simultaneously, today’s industry is faced with the challenge of meeting the highest environmental and health protection standards - while still maintaining maximum productivity. Regardless whether you are planning on building a new plant or optimizing an existing system: Our outstanding and globally established solutions ensure that you can check off every item in the specifications with a green tick.

Step by step, one step ahead

Leave nothing up to chance – for that, lots of room for well thought-through details. Based on this premise, we deliver solutions for your mixing room that combine prime quality, maximum productivity, and superior cost efficiency: from quickly-installed, tight-seal silos to material-friendly conveying technologies and extremely reliable weighing and feeding processes.

1 Tank truck unloading

Tank truck unloading

2 Big Bag discharge

Big Bag discharge

3 Storage silos

Storage silos

4 "Overflow" conveying system

"Overflow" conveying system

5 Tank truck unloading

Tank truck unloading

6 Big Bag discharge

Big Bag discharge

7 Storage silos

Storage silos

8 Unloading station for wagons

Unloading station for wagons

9 "Overflow" conveying system

"Overflow" conveying system

10 Big Bags

Big Bags

11 Suction system

Suction system

12 Solids scale

Solids scale

13 Mechanical conveying

Mechanical conveying

14 Big Bags

Big Bags

15 Aspiration filter

Aspiration filter

16 Big Bags

Big Bags

17 Mixer aspiration

Mixer aspiration

18 Polymer and weighing belts

Polymer and weighing belts

19 Storage tanks for liquids

Storage tanks for liquids

20 Oil scale

Oil scale

21 IBC container station

IBC container station

22 Liquid Dosing System

Liquid Dosing System

23 Oil recycling

Oil recycling

24 Small component plant

Small component plant

25 Bag inserter

Bag inserter

26 Closing the EVA bags

Closing the EVA bags

Storage and unloading as needed

Process efficiency starts with the optimal storage of raw materials. And “optimal” has two meanings at Zeppelin Systems. On the one hand, we offer silos that are convincing for their securely tight seals and also extremely durable due to their high-quality aluminum construction. Thanks to the modular design and the well thought-out frame concept, they can be both shipped and installed in an extremely budget-friendly manner. The second aspect concerns storage volume. Thanks to our Smart Storage Solution, which is unique on the market, you can achieve significantly higher storage volumes - and thus prevent possible material bottlenecks, for example as a result of disrupted supply chains. The material discharge from our silos is again carried out as required via a rotary feeder.



Conveying with care for the material

Faster is not always better - as is the case with silica and carbon black: For example, carbon black beads are destroyed if the conveying speed is too high, which inevitably leads to a higher fines content, resulting in high time losses in the mixing process. We have therefore deliberately designed our conveying systems in such a way that - thanks to the patented overflow system, for example - they ensure gentle guidance of the raw materials all round. But our plant professionals not only know the specific properties of these classic materials down to the last detail; you can also rely fully on our expertise when it comes to conveying recycled materials or renewable raw materials.  

Conveying technology

Precise dosing of liquids

For liquid additives, we have created a new gold standard with the innovative Liquid Dosing System (LDS). This technology makes an important contribution to the production of high-quality tires, such as those used in electric cars. Finally, particularly low rolling resistance can be achieved by incorporating high-viscosity, functional additives into the compound. Another benefit for you: The material certification that we carry out as part of the LDS gives you the conveyability of your product in black and white.

Liquid Dosing System


Precise weighing and dosing of powdered materials

”Close enough” is not close enough: Before the individual product components are combined, 100 percent accurate weighing and dosing are essential. We offer the ideal conditions: Carbon black, silicate and other solids are fed to the test carriages via twin screws; when the required weight is reached, the system switches off automatically. 

Weighing and Dosing Technology

Filter effectively

They remove whatever doesn't belong: Thanks to our diverse filter concepts, contamination can not only be effectively minimized; the intelligent recirculation technologies - whether recirculation filtration or shock deaeration - also ensure a plus in efficiency as well as a minus in waste and costs. They enable the material collected in the filter to be fed back into the mixing process in precisely metered quantities as required.  


Our performance plus

Industrial scale testing


Testing is good, but full-scale testing under operating conditions is better. Benefit from the opportunity to put your processes and formulations through their paces: in our technical center at the Friedrichshafen site, which is specially designed to meet the requirements of the rubber and tire industry. 

Service: no compromise



Your plant should do what it is built for: operate and produce. In return, we deliver reliable, professional service. Rely on our worldwide service network with best advice and extremely fast spare parts supply for minimized downtimes. If required, we are of course also at your side digitally: from virtual troubleshooting to online commissioning support.

Safety in the process



With the clever NAMiQ Sustainability automation solution, you can record and evaluate the consumption data of your entire plant or of each individual component. In addition, the NAMiQ automation solution offers various products to help you maximize your productivity, such as NAMiQ Analytics or NAMiQ Recipe.

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