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Conveying systems
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Conveying systems


We implement various conveyor systems – including combinations – that are tailored to the bulk material properties and to your specific requirements.

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Conveying systems

Appropriate conveying processes for individual requirements

We analyze the bulk material properties of our customers’ products and take account of the plant parameters, overall plant concept and the investment costs and overheads. Working from this basis, we develop the ideal system for your specific requirements.

When it comes to the use of conveyor systems, there are various principles (variants) that can be applied depending on the specific customer requirements:

  • Pneumatic dilute phase conveying (Lean-Tec)
  • Pneumatic dense phase conveying (Dense-Tec)
  • Pneumatic dense phase conveying with bypass systems (Twin-Tec)
  • Hydraulic conveying (Hydro-Tec)

Clever combinations are also possible, e.g. dilute phase conveying of plastic pellets over long distances, followed by separation and then the use of gentle dense phase conveying. The conveyor systems are planned on an efficient, modular basis, and we tailor the most efficient solution for your product and your specific requirements. We also offer various bypass systems for the dense phase conveying of such powdered bulk materials as carbon black and silica, ensuring slow, gentle pneumatic transport. All of our conveyor systems guarantee reliability, maximum efficiency and transport that is gentle on your products.

Our vision

Pneumatic bulk material transport for plastic pellets over long distances can be replaced or complemented by a cableway system. With larger and larger plants being built, production and logistics sections are increasingly likely to be distant from each other, calling for new transport concepts.