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Zeppelin plants help to close the recycling loop and achieve high levels of energy efficiency and sustainability.

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Closing the recycling loop

In Germany alone, 600,000 metric tons of used tires are generated each year, and across Europe the figure is already 3.4 million metric tons, which must be disposed of properly. * This is not only an enormous challenge for waste management companies, but also a burden on society, our health and our environment. As a global leader in plant engineering, we have taken up this challenge together with project partners. Our vision is to process used tires in such a way that they can be used again as raw materials. In this way, every tire will have a second life in the future.

With our technologies, we offer you outstanding expertise in handling your recycled materials, such as carbon black, rubber granules or rubber powder: from gentle conveying and precise dosing to adequate storage, we ensure the high quality of your products.

Depending on your requirements, you can shred, granulate, ambient or cyrogenically grind car tires, crush truck tires up to OTR and Giant Tire by using Water Jet Technology, and partially mechanically devulcanize them. The resulting rubber powder can be fed into a reclaim process and is ideally suited for the production of new tires.

With our process engineering know-how and our consulting services, we support you in recovering the basic materials for tire production through the pyrolysis process. In addition, you can refine the recycled carbon black and reach a purity of 97%.

Close the recycling loop together with us - resource-saving, energy-efficient and sustainable. Take advantage of these benefits for yourself and contact us.

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