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Zeppelin Technology Center - putting your products to the test

Maintain your advantage

To be a leader in technology takes a huge amount of research and development work, which is why we maintain the world’s largest technology center network for bulk materials.


Across three sites, we offer our customers facilities for testing their formulations with us, or to perform trials to identify opportunities for optimizing their systems.


Plastics, chemical, rubber & tire industries


The world’s most highly regarded technology center for the handling of bulk material in the plastics, chemical, rubber and tire industries is located at our Friedrichshafen site.

Mixing & compounding


Our technology center in Kassel specializes in standard processes for the mixing and processing of hard and soft PVC.

Food industry


Our dough technology center is located in Rödermark. The center is home to all of our test systems for the metered measuring, conveying, weighing, sifting and mixing of recipes.