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Diverter Valves

Zeppelin diverter valves send bulk material down the right path. They always distribute, collect, and divert any type of bulk material to the right place, whether that material is in powder, granulate, or another form.

We know where we’re going. Whether you use the right-angled or symmetrical type, our diverter valves are flexible and can even be upgraded to become specialized, customer-specific valves if required. This is yet another area where it is clear that our customers’ bulk materials are our top priority – handled with care by Zeppelin Components. We offer sealing systems that minimize maintenance operations and include toughened inserts for a longer service life. You can rely on our proven top quality and maximum efficiency in daily use.

DVV diverter valve

DVV - Weiche.jpg

The DVV two-channel diverter valve is a universal distributor and collector valve for the redirection of bulk materials, designed for use in pressurized and vacuum conveying systems.