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Zeppelin solutions in the areas of production and compounding of technical plastics, PTA/PET, batteries, special chemicals and paints, feature cross-platform expertise throughout the value chain.

Zeppelin produces customized system designs for conveying a huge variety of hard-to-process commodities and raw materials with great care, in the specified sequence, at the exact time, and in the right amounts within the respective handling process.

Zeppelin is a technological market leader in this demanding area of industry, serving PVC processing plants, compounding plants, and systems for the production of technical plastics, paints, and special chemicals. Complex tasks require proven capability to develop the ideal solution.

The breadth of expertise is impressive:

  • Automotive industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Construction industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Cable production
  • Packaging industry
  • Paint production
  • Battery manufacture for the electromobility sector

Compounding plants

Compounding plants
Our expertise in dosing systems, mixing technology and pneumatic conveying for the handling of your raw materials, additives and finished products.

Plastic processing systems

Plastic processing systems
High plant availability with large throughputs. Freedom to devise the most appropriate interface for you, through the use of in-house components, silos and mixers.

Special chemicals plants

Special chemicals plants
Development of a range of safety concepts: Explosion protection and appropriate handling of hazardous substances.

Technical plastics production

Technical plastics production
Zeppelin’s expertise and product portfolio guarantee unparalleled product quality.

PTA and PET systems

PTA and PET systems
Maximum throughput, gentle conveying and low-dust products are all key characteristics of Zeppelin systems.

Battery production facilities


Maximum weighing precision and zero contamination: Tailor-made system concepts and processing technology for top product purity.

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Systems for plastics processing


Cleaning systems (plastics industry)


Zeppelin silo systems


Zeppelin bulk materials

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Zeppelin mixing technology


Automation and control systems