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Zeppelin is at work in many industrial sectors

We offer a wealth of experience in the plastic and chemicals industries as well as the food sector; we supply systems for the rubber and tire industry; and we provide expert advice on the subject of mixing and compounding. This knowledge, gathered over many decades, is used to benefit customers across a range of industries.

For example, a conveying process that is widely used in the food industry can be applied to yield new advantages in conveying sensitive raw materials for the rubber and carbon black industry.

We transfer into other areas technologies that have long been in use in a particular application; in the new field they are considered innovations, and it is always our customers who benefit from this multilayered expertise. 

Plastics producer and forwarder

The secret behind the successful technologies developed by Zeppelin is simple: Many years of experience, a whole series of patented processes, and turnkey systems for the handling of high-quality bulk materials.

Performance materials

With a wealth of expertise at its fingertips, Zeppelin is a world leader in PVC processing systems, compounding systems, and systems for the manufacture of cross-linkable cables.

Rubber and tire industry

Success in the rubber and tire industry depends on a precise mix of raw materials. Zeppelin supplies complete systems right up to a turnkey mixing room.

Food industry

No company can afford to compromise when it comes to demanding applications in the food industry – which is why your system should be developed by leading experts.

Dispersion paints


From rapid discharge to optimum conveying, from reliable filtering to high-precision weighing and dosing. Benefit from Zeppelin's comprehensive know-how in all relevant steps of dispersion paint production, including the safe handling of titanium oxide.