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Zeppelin’s automation concepts manage your processes effectively, efficiently, and according to your needs. All processing units are from a single source and networked together.

Process control

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Autonomous process execution fulfilled by in-house-developed software. Machine components combined with tailor-made automation solutions from a single source.

Control cabinets and control stations


Our control cabinets and control stations are designed specifically for the specific project at hand, and are compliant with current norms and standards.

As well as technical expertise, we have the industry knowledge needed to successfully plan your system.With our innovative measurement technology and control systems, we guarantee reliable process automation. 

Innovative software solutions such as our new automation concept, which combines the current PrismaWEB and SmartMix systems, or our AQU (Air Quantity Unit), WMU (Water Mixing Unit), LDS (Liquid Dosing System) and CODOS® (Continuous Mixing and Kneading System) control technologies can be adapted to suit any customer system.

Our automation products can also be integrated into the process control of the plants. Our process control enables the independent execution of continuous process engineering processes.

Our hardware solutions are always state-of-the-art and updated to match the latest ergonomic standards. Complex technical challenges can be overcome with the help of our control cabinets and control units.



Zeppelin automation and control systems