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The Food Technology Centre in Rödermark was specially designed for the requirements of the food industry and offers ideal conditions for trials on the processing of liquid and powdered raw materials. With an area of over 300 m² and a height of 10 m, trials can be carried out here not only on a laboratory scale but also with the real capacity of our customers. This is because no standard plant was permanently installed on the two-storey test area, but a modular system was developed that guarantees a high degree of flexibility.

You want to know how the chocolate flakes in your new recipe behave during mixing? Which type of conveying produces the least abrasion in one of your raw materials or which way keeps your agglomerates intact? Then simply use our technical centre.

Together with our technology centres in Friedrichshafen and Kassel, we form a technical network for handling high-quality bulk materials. While the plastics, chemicals and rubber division is covered in Friedrichshafen, the Kassel technical centre specializes in the mixing and compounding division.


Individual tests for your products


























Accurate metering

Accuracy is a decisive criterion for the quality of any manufacturing process in which dosing technology is used to control the quantity of bulk materials. When it comes to precise dosing of dry materials and liquids, we offer you a selection of suitable methods for exact and product-friendly dosing of your recipe:

  • Dosing screws, rotary valves and Kokeisl for precise scale filling
  • Docking of dosing containers at dosing stations with dust-free transfer of batches
  • Discharge devices for safe removal of bulk materials with problematic flow behaviour from silos and weighing containers

Fermentation in the semi-continuous process

Two process steps are used in the modular fermentation process. The first module is the "DymoMix Tower" for mixing flour and liquids, the second module consists of the fermentation tanks and is equipped with screw pumps. The modules can be connected together in different configurations.

A plant with a mixing capacity of up to 5 t/h and a double-walled fermentation/storage tank with a capacity of approx. 1 m³ can be simulated in the technical center. Depending on the application, wheat pre-dough/liquid sponge or rye sourdough can be produced on the test plant. This can be used either independently or as a raw material for our systems for continuous dough production. Alternatively, it can be processed in batches on a batch kneader.

The fermentation process corresponds to the newly developed process, is easily reproducible and works ideally together with the other components of a continuous dough production:

  • DymoMix
  • Codos NT kneader
  • Receiving container
  • Differential dosing scale




Uniform discharge

Product-specific discharge devices are used for discharging non-free flowing bulk materials. We will be happy to assist you in choosing the right components that are optimally matched to your recipes and ensure a uniform material flow as well as accurate dosing:

  • Discharge devices for safe removal of bulk materials with problematic flow behaviour from silos and scale hoppers.
  • Bag dumping station
  • Big Bag station
  • Combined bag dumping / Big Bag station
  • Fluidizing bed with air fluidization for discharge
  • Kokeisl (allows very fast and very accurate dosing)
  • Discharge agitator (screw belt or cone mixer)


Gentle conveying

Gentle conveying is of decisive importance for an optimal end result. For the transport of abrasive or fragile bulk materials such as agglomerates, our technical centre has various conveying systems:

  • Secondary air conveying ID 65 - 125/80 - 160 m
  • Plug conveying pressure/vacuum ID 65 110/80 - 240 m
  • Dilute phase conveying pressure/vacuum ID 65 - 110/80 - 240 m

Dilute phase conveying

026101213_B-Technikum_Flugförderung Kopie.jpg

     Plug conveying

026101213_B-Technikum_Propfenföhrderung Kopie.jpg

       Secondary air conveying

026101213_B-Technikum_Sekundärluftforderung_1 Kopie.jpg

Homogeneous mixing results

Efficient production lines with high availability and reproducible product quality can only be realized with optimal system technology and a process that is designed to meet the specific requirements of the individual product. We offer the following options for testing your perfect mix:

  • Codos NT: open, continuously operating horizontal mixer or kneader with two intermeshing mixing-kneading tools.
  • DymoMix: uniform wetting of dry materials with liquids as a pre-mixer (dough production) and for moistening dry materials
  • Horizontal mixer: for mixing dry powders or with liquid injection up to chocolate mixtures
  • Pneumatic homogenizing unit: gentle homogenizing of agglomerates and fine powders in the fluidized bed
  • Screw belt mixer: pre-mixer for small footprints and optimum height utilization
  • Cone mixer: for discharging powder mixtures without residues


Raw material preparation and conditioning

For an optimal and, above all, reproducible result of the final product, the general conditions should be constant. Therefore, the raw materials used must always be processed under the same conditions. There are basically three different ways of doing this:

  • Hydration by DymoMix: Dry materials are hydrated with liquids in seconds, exposed to air, and mixed before being introduced into the actual dough-making process. This produces doughs that can ·     be used immediately or fed to the batch kneader or continuous kneader
  • Tempering by PneumoTherm: for optimally tempered raw materials (heating/cooling), e.g. for flour cooling.
  • Classification by sifters: protective sifting with inline sifters in various sizes and mesh sizes

Extensive analysis options

In our affiliated laboratory, we can carry out various examinations and analyses before, during and after your trials, in order to discuss them with you afterwards:

  • Viscosity measurements of liquids
  • Determination of water activity and moisture of the product
  • Determination of density or particle size distribution
  • Evaluation of grain or agglomerate properties and abrasion
  • Measurement of rheological dough properties using a Farinograph
  • Shear test - shear analysis for silo dimensioning


We are there for you

Our technicans are there for you throughout the entire test series. They install the testing plant according to your requirements, make modifi cations if necessary, and support your project from beginning to end. On request, you can speak to our competent development engineers, who will be glad to help you with your test

Please contact us, we are looking forward to your call!