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Larger batch quantities with the highest quality and low energy costs: our sophisticated solutions for polyolefin plants make it possible.

More and more, better and better, more and more diverse: companies in polyolefin production and processing are confronted with this triad of requirements on a daily basis. We make sure that you can not only fully master all the challenges that come with this; rather, our individual (complete) solutions along the entire value chain are consistently designed to secure you tangible competitive advantages. Rely on the expertise and decades of experience of Zeppelin Systems.

Full spectrum for best performance

From individual components to silo and conveying systems up to turnkey plants: we supply you with tailor-made solutions for all requirements and work steps in the production and handling of polyolefins. Join us in getting the most out of your processes - regardless of location and even under extreme conditions.

High-performance conveying

Conveying distances of up to 1,000 meters are not unusual in the polyolefin industry today. Hydraulic solutions are generally used for this purpose, especially since they are up to 80 percent more energy-efficient than pneumatic concepts. However, it is also true that not all conveying systems are the same. While many manufacturers work with pumps in the product-carrying water circuit, we have separated the pump and the product flow. By eliminating rotating elements in the conveying circuit, our patented Cyclo Feeder guarantees extremely gentle product feeding without abrasion or product loss. As a result, you achieve higher product quality.



Degassing safely

The calculation is simple: the more reliable and thorough the degassing process, the higher the safety level and the greater the operational reliability of your plant. We make sure that this calculation works out perfectly for you at the end of the day - for example, thanks to our silos with integrated step cones. Their differently dimensioned openings ensure that gas can be injected at different points. This allows the gas to flow homogeneously over the entire surface of the product - for example LDPE granules - and thus completely discharge the residual monomers.

Storage silos

Accurate temperature control

Whether in combination with degassing or as a separate process step: When it comes to heating or cooling powders or granules, our sophisticated plant technology provides you with the perfect tools to effectively optimize your processes.  

Process silos


Effective mixing and safe storage

In polyolefin processing, process or raw material fluctuations do not necessarily have to result in fluctuating product quality. Because with our blending silos, you can compensate for irregularities in good time. Depending on the powder or granules, we provide you with various types of blending silos: from the multi-pipe and multi-channel for large volumes, to the multi-flow version for small batches and engineering plastics, to the fluidized-bed mixer for bulk materials with particle sizes below 500 µm, such as powders.

Blending silos

Clean separation

Dust particles, steamers, angel hair or fine particles have no place in your final product - and thanks to the wide range of separation systems from Zeppelin Systems, they have no chance of finding their way to packaging or loading. Depending on the application scenario, you can choose from a wide range of variants, in which each of them convince with individual advantages.


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Our performance plus

Industrial scale testing at Zeppelin Systems


Testing is good, but testing on a 1:1 scale and under real conditions is better. Make sure that your plant is optimally designed for the properties of the raw material - for optimum output in every respect. For this purpose, our state-of-the-art technical center at the Friedrichshafen site is available to you, equipped with all systems and components relevant to the plastics industry in terms of process technology.                                                                                                                

Service without compromises



Your plant should do one thing above all: run and deliver. To achieve this, we provide you with reliable, professional 360 ° Service, from incoming goods inspection until service contracts. Rely on our worldwide service network with the best advice and extremely fast spare parts supply for minimized downtimes. If required, we are of course also at your side digitally: from virtual troubleshooting to online-supported commissioning.

Process control, state of the art



The goal: maximum availability. The way to achieve it: highly automated process control and logistics management systems from Zeppelin Systems. Convince yourself of our competence and solve even the most complex tasks quickly and efficiently.                              


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