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At Zeppelin, we believe that commercial success goes hand-in-hand with responsibility. Sustainable practices guarantee the future of our company. Zeppelin is not driven simply by short-term gain, but seeks to establish lasting value for employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders.


Working conditions

Built around a central philosophy that “We are Zeppelin” the Zeppelin Systems code of conduct addresses important values such as personal responsibility, openness and transparency, and as such is an essential guideline for legally compliant and ethically responsible action within the company. 

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Procurement process

Ethical conduct and sustainability in terms of legal, economic, ecological and social responsibility are key elements of procurement at Zeppelin Systems GmbH and all its subsidiaries. These include close, long-term partnerships and legal compliance by suppliers.

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Environmental protection

Environmental management forms an integral part of our strategy at Zeppelin Systems and its subsidiaries, and so is an essential element of environmental policy.

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At Zeppelin Systems, sustainability means making a genuine long-term contribution to the environment and society on the strength of our culture as a company that is fit for the future.

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