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Our references speak for themselves

We offer customized and optimized solutions which can be seamlessly integrated across your entire plant. Innovative conveying systems, in-process silos and even turnkey solutions – Zeppelin is always ready with expert advice.


Using our own in-house key components for handling a range of bulk materials, we can guarantee the success of your plant – whether you need engineering, an individual component, a single conveying system, a silo, a mixer, or a complex system.

Plant components


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We supply the right high-quality components to suit your applications. With our components you will have no problems when it comes to feeding, diverting, metering, and more.

Process components

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We supply suitable high-quality components for plastics producers, plastics processors, the food industry and the rubber industry alike.



The manufacturing of products necessitates a wide range of mixing solutions, which is where Zeppelin Henschel mixers® in various designs come into their own.



Zeppelin has a long history of silo production: Aluminum containers were being welded even in the early 20th century, during the company’s airship era.

Plant solutions


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Our innovative technologies provide perfect solutions for our customers. We offer the best possible technology for your applications.



We offer partial and complete systems for a range of industries, and develop your production facility on the basis of our modular systems.



We ensure maximum benefit for our customers by developing innovative solutions to suit their needs, or combining well-established solutions from other areas.



Zeppelin’s automation concepts manage your processes effectively, efficiently, and clearly. All processing units are from a single source and networked together.