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We're happy to give you that in black and white. Our systems give your production 100 % color accuracy and superior flexibility.

As a Zeppelin Systems customer, you can play with open color cards with a clear conscience - and also act with maximum flexibility. Our innovative plant technology creates the perfect conditions for this. From rapid discharge to optimum conveying, from reliable filtering to high-precision weighing and dosing. Benefit from Zeppelin's comprehensive know-how in all relevant steps of dispersion paint production, including the safe handling of titanium oxide.










Visibly superior - in every nuance

And in the paint industry, that's what counts most. That's exactly why we supply you with plant technology that leaves no nuance out of consideration: whether specialized discharge aids or perfectly coordinated filter systems, whether customized conveying systems or highly precise weighing and dosing technologies. With solutions from Zeppelin Systems, you bring expert knowledge into your company that can literally be seen - at the latest in your results.

Tailor-made storage, efficient discharge

Professionals know: Storing base materials is the first major challenge to be mastered in paint production. The specifications include points such as the suitable cone opening angle, which must be calculated taking into account the respective wall friction coefficient, or the correct dimensioning of the silos. Here, our color experts are at your side, just as they are when it comes to choosing the right discharge system. The range of our specially developed components in this area extends from mechanical discharge aids such as vibratory bottom to pneumatic devices such as aeration cones or fluidizing beds. Many options, one goal: fast, efficient discharge without bridging and sticking as well as residue-free discharge of all recipe components.



Reliable filtration and separation

Whether from bags, big bags or octabins: To ensure that raw materials are fed in as dust-free as possible, we at Zeppelin Systems rely on filter and aspiration systems that literally work as clean as a whistle. The former can be designed exactly to your requirements in terms of material technology - for example, depending on raw materials and product throughput. Jet filters, for example, use automatic pneumatic cleaning to prevent unwanted material loss by feeding the filter contents back into the process. Aspiration systems, on the other hand, work with negative pressure - and ensure in a downstream function, for example, a minimum residual dust content.


Precise conveying

… in the paint industry begins with the selection of the right rotary feeder. Zeppelin Systems offers you a wide portfolio of different variants that allow you in the correct configuration gentle dosing your specific product into the conveying line. Keyword specific: Thanks to our technologies, pneumatic conveying can also be perfectly tailored to the respective application. Whether air conveying in pressure or suction operation, secondary air conveying or dense phase conveying: Your requirements are decisive - of course also in the selection of materials: In addition to metal conveying lines, we also supply rubber lines for the safe conveying of products such as certain types of titanium dioxide, which can adhere to metallic surfaces.



Correct weighing and dosing

No tolerance in terms of tolerance! True to this motto, we at Zeppelin Systems have developed maximally precise weighing and dosing systems for formulation components down to the pigment and binder level. Use, according to your needs, fully automatic small component systems or high-performance weighing systems for the dosing of poor flowing, powdery raw materials. With additional separate material weighing, you can achieve the lowest tolerances with our solutions - for additives as well as for main components. When feeding powdered products into the dissolver, frequency-controlled conveying screws from Zeppelin Systems come into their own. They enable feeding within the shortest possible time and in compliance with the individual processing requirements in the mixing process. Thanks to a conveying screw with two outlets specially designed for this application, the material can even be fed into two dissolvers by clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.


Our performance plus

Industrial scale testing


Testing is good, but testing on a 1:1 scale and under real conditions is better. We have created the optimum conditions for this in our Friedrichshafen pilot plant: Based on your formulation and the desired throughput, we determine the plant technology tailored to your needs there - and test the entire system for you in live operation.                                                                                                            

Service: no compromises



Your plant should do one thing above all: run and deliver. To achieve this, we provide you with reliable, professional service. Rely on our worldwide service network with the best advice and extremely fast spare parts supply for minimized downtimes. If required, we are of course also at your side digitally: from virtual troubleshooting to online-supported commissioning.

Automation with vision



In the 21st century, optimization often also means automation. We ensure that your automation project is a complete success in terms of both efficiency and costs. Among other things, we rely on state-of-the-art control systems whose open architecture means that you are well equipped to meet the challenges of the day after tomorrow. Get in touch with our global competence team.                        

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