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Success can be planned

We build every Zeppelin system in accordance with customers’ individual requirements. Over 1,300 employees – a large number of which are highly qualified process technicians and engineers – work with passion and a perfectionist inventive spirit until a system is running like clockwork in the best interests of our customers. With the support of the world’s largest technical network for bulk materials as well as know-how from over 60 years’ experience in plant engineering, they constantly make improvements and develop innovative processes and new technologies.

This strong “heartbeat” that emanates from our control center in Friedrichshafen is felt all around the world. With production facilities as well as subsidiaries and representative offices all around the world, we are able to serve our markets with speed, flexibility and the utmost proximity to our customers.

The economic strength of our company due to its foundation-based structure, inherited from the Graf Zeppelin Stiftung (foundation) set up in 1908, gives us financial strength and is the basis for the long-term and successful partnership with our customers.

Our business fields

Rubber and tire industry

Success in the rubber and tire industry depends on a precise mix of raw materials. Zeppelin supplies complete systems right up to a turnkey mixing room.

Plastics producers and forwarders

The secret behind the successful technologies developed by Zeppelin is simple: Many years of experience, a whole series of patented processes, and turnkey systems for the handling of high-quality bulk materials.

Performance materials

With a wealth of expertise at its fingertips, Zeppelin is a world leader in PVC processing systems, compounding systems, and systems for the manufacture of cross-linkable cables.

Food industry

No company can afford to compromise when it comes to demanding applications in the food industry – which is why your system should be developed by leading experts.


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Whether for the food industry, plastics producers, plastics processors, or the rubber industry – we supply the right high-quality components.

Process components

Siebmaschine_Screening machine_RS.jpg
Whether for the food industry, plastics producers, plastics processors, or the rubber industry – we supply the right high-quality process components.


Zeppelin has a long history of silo production: Aluminum containers were being welded even in the early 20th century, during the company’s airship era.


The manufacturing of products necessitates a wide range of mixing solutions, which is where Zeppelin mixers in various designs come into their own.



Zeppelin’s automation concepts manage your processes effectively, efficiently, and clearly. All processing units are from a single source and networked together.

Technology center

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To be a leader in technology requires a huge amount of research and development work, which is why we have the world’s largest technology center network for bulk materials.

Service and spare parts


You can always rely on Zeppelin to provide first-class service, throughout the system construction phase and far beyond.

Aviation & Industrial Service


We provide professional QM services for the global aircraft industry, the automotive industry, and for mechanical and plant engineering. 

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