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Mixing & Compounding


Our technology center in Kassel specializes in standard processes for the mixing and processing of hard and soft PVC.

The key mechanical manufacturing processes for the plastic processing and chemicals industries are available at the technology center in Kassel, with a particular emphasis on mixing technology. We understand that adapting mechanical engineering details to production parameters is not always enough if we are to achieve improvements for our customers’ products. We develop completely new processes for the processing and manufacture of sensitive raw materials, both on behalf of and in collaboration with our customers, and results can be immediately verified in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

The standard processes used today for mixing and processing would not have been devised were it not for the Kassel technology center, as the processing of hard and soft PVC to current quality standards was developed there. The results of our consistent research work give our customers a leading edge in the area of products including metallic powder coatings, master batches, battery production and ceramic powder.