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Customer and technology center

Staying ahead of the game

Technological leadership is associated with lots of research and development work. We therefore have the world’s largest technical network for bulk materials. We offer our customers the service of testing their recipes or carrying out trials together with us in order to optimize their plant.


Plastics, chemical, rubber & tire industries


The world’s most highly regarded technology center for the handling of bulk material in the plastics, chemical, rubber and tire industries is located at our Friedrichshafen site.

Mixing & compounding


Our technology center in Kassel specializes in standard processes for the mixing and processing of hard and soft PVC.

Food industry


Our dough technology center is located in Rödermark. The center is home to all of our test systems for the metered measuring, conveying, weighing, sifting and mixing of recipes.

Plastics, chemical, rubber and tire industries

The best known technology center for the handling of bulk materials in the plastics, chemical, rubber and tire industries is located at our Friedrichshafen site. Two large test facilities for granulate, powder and additives form the centerpiece of the technology center. We carry out direct testing on an industrial scale here. We determine the relevant design parameters and create detailed test reports as the basis for our customers’ plant design. Friedrichshafen is also home to the world’s largest bulk materials library containing our experts’ decades long know-how regarding the handling of bulk materials that has been accumulated over the decades.

Mixing and compounding

Without our technology center in Kassel we would not have been able to develop a number of the standard mixing and processing techniques used today. The processing of the current quality of hard and soft PVC was developed here. Our consistent research work gives our customers a competitive edge in products, such as metallic powder coatings, masterbatches, battery production or ceramic powders, amongst others.

Food technology

You would like to know how the chocolate flakes in your new recipe behave during mixing, what type of conveying causes the least abrasion to one of your raw materials or how your agglomerates remain intact? Then take advantage of our Technology Center for Food Technology in Rödermark. It offers the necessary test facilities for dosing, conveying, weighing, screening and mixing your recipes.

Testing dough mixtures

We carry out dough processing testing together with the Institut für Getreideverarbeitung GmbH (IGV – Institute for Grain Processing) near Potsdam. Our mixing and kneading system Codos® for throughput capacities of up to 250 kg/h is available on a laboratory scale. In this way we can produce, bake and test the texture and taste of your raw materials and doughs according to your recipes.