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DVV Distributor and collector valve

The decisive detail in your process

Individual components that you do not necessarily associate with increased efficiency at first glance have nevertheless a positive influence on your overall process. Thus, the DVV dual-channel diverter valve with nominal diameters from 50 to 125 and a design pressure of 3.5 bar, is the right choice for your pneumatic conveying system, if you are looking for high reliability. Applicable as a distribution and collection diverter valve, for powder and granulates, the DVV also offers maximum flexibility.

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Your advantages

Compact and easy to integrate

The DVV diverter valve has a very compact design and can therefore be integrated into your plant in an extremely space-saving manner. Depending on the requirements, you can obtain the diverter valve in different nominal sizes, each nominal width with different inner diameters. Using additionally available pipe adapters, you can easily connect the diverter valve with pipe couplings in existing conveying lines. If you are using the previous model, the ZWV diverter valve, you can replace it very easily with the DVV using plug & play. 

The unique feature of the DVV diverter valve is the linear drive which is completely integrated into the housing. All mechanical and electrical parts are located inside the housing. This provides maximum protection for both the components and your staff.

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High quality materials

The construction and design of the DVV with smooth surfaces allow a very quick and easy cleaning. In addition, the flange necks of the housing as well as the passages of the inner rotor are equipped with stainless steel tube inserts. This supports the hygiene requirements of your products and reduces the possibility of contamination to a minimum.


Low operating costs

The robust design of the DVV diverter valve ensures a high level of process and operational reliability - with the lowest possible failure or downtimes. This ensures greater efficiency in the overall process. The maintenance requirements of the DVV diverter valve are also very low, which has a positive effect on your operating costs.


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