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PFC process rotary feeder
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PFC process rotary feeder


The PFC rotary feeder with cutting function delivers powder and agglomerated products. Designed for particularly high torque.

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PFC process rotary feeder

PFC process rotary feeder

The PFC process rotary feeder is used primarily for the feeding and discharge of powders and agglomerated products underneath discharge containers. The special design of the rotary feeder increases process safety and facilitates use at differential pressures up to 1.5 bar (g).


  • Wide variety of services possible with one product type, thanks to sizes ranging from PFC 565 to PFC 850
  • Generally more robust design to ensure high torque and therefore also the cutting function:
    • Robust aluminum housing with stainless steel cutting application
    • Reinforced rotor (shaft, bridges, spacers, bearing)
    • Reinforced construction bearing plates (bearing, sealing)
  • Wear-resistant cutting edges thanks to stellite welding on the rotary feeder bridge
  • No removable blades used on the bridges
  • Automatically changing rotation direction (rotor switches to the opposite direction at a defined torque to ensure that agglomerated product does not cause blockages)
  • Possibility of simulated forward/backward operation with adjustable torque (power consumption)
  • Output assistant system integrated into housing (bulk material is loosened by means of gas being injected into the emptying rotor pocket)
  • Minimal wearing of seals thanks to simple, robust design (mechanical seal with soft counter-ring)
  • Low leakage thanks to:
    • optimal, customized gap design
    • optimal number of bridges
    • process heating (minimization of gaps)
  • No hydraulic components (e.g. electric drive instead of hydraulic drive)
  • Process heating with temperature monitoring
  • Differential pressure up to 1.5 bar (g)
  • Mechanical design pressure up to 10 bar (g)
  • High mechanical temperature resistance from -20 to +120°C
  • Flange joints bored in accordance with DIN 2501 PN10 FF or ANSI 150 lbs FF
  • Declaration of incorporation or declaration of conformity in accordance with the Machinery Directive and declaration of ATEX conformity available

Equipment configurations, options and accessories

  • Frame
  • Compensator / flexible hose