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Fluidizing bed blending silo
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Fluidizing bed blending silo


The fluidizing bed blending silo is suitable for the mixing of fluidizable bulk materials with particle sizes of less than 500 μm, such as powder. It is used in batch operation.

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Fluidizing bed blending silo

System description

With a fluidizing bed, mixing is performed by means of the random relative movements of particles. To achieve this free movement, the bulk material has the fluidizing gas (usually air) flowed through it and is fluidized. The horizontal mixing effect can be strengthened by varying aeration in the different inflow zones, resulting in an optimized mixing effect and reduced mixing time.


  • Suitable for fluidizable powders
  • Gentle homogenization, as external forces barely impact individual particles in a fluidized state
  • Suitable for bulk materials that are prone to breakage and wear
  • Additional degassing of the product
  • Makes mixing of very large quantities of powder possible, with minimal energy consumption