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ZWR diverter valve
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ZWR diverter valve


The ZWR single-channel diverter valve is used as a distributor or collector element for abrasive bulk materials in pneumatic conveying systems.

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ZWR diverter valve

ZWR two-way diverter valve

The ZWR single-channel diverter valve with a deflection angle of 35° is used as a distributor or collector element in pneumatic conveying systems at up to 6 bar (g), mainly for abrasive, powdered and pelleted bulk materials.


  • Available in eight sizes (50–250)
  • Inflatable, self-compressing silicone seal
  • Maintenance-free, high durability
  • Housing and internal rotor made from high-quality cast aluminum as standard
  • Housing (flange collar) and internal rotor with high-quality stainless steel pipe inserts, optional wear protection
  • Diverter valve with electro-pneumatic control system, fully pre-piped and pre-wired for terminal box
  • Distributor or collector diverter valve
  • 35° deflection angle
  • Operating pressure between -1.0 bar and 6.0 bar (g), mechanical design pressure -1.0 to 10 bar (g)
  • Withstands temperatures between -10 and +80°C (operational and mechanical design temperature)
  • Flange joints bored in accordance with DIN 2501 PN10 FF or ANSI 150 lbs FF
  • Declaration of incorporation or declaration of conformity in accordance with the Machinery Directive, EC type examination certificate and declaration of ATEX conformity available