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FVS sifter
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FVS sifter


FVS downpipe-loading telescopic sifter for gravimetric feeding of up to 500 metric tons per hour. Easy to retrofit and ideal for use as a final or second screen.

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FVS sifter


  • Separation of the finest dust particles from pellets
  • Secure removal of long streamers
  • Consistent separation efficiency throughout the entire duration of operation
  • Gravimetric feeding
  • No intake or discharge feeders required for operation


  • Extremely compact design and height
  • Outstanding separation efficiency, with cleaning that is gentle on products
  • Cost-efficient design
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Ideal for use as a final or second screen
  • Extremely suitable for the removal of dust accumulations inside the silo
  • Very easy integration and installation
  • No limitation of loading performance


  • Separator for gravimetric loading up to 235 t/h
  • Efficient separation: Used directly before packing and loading
  • Can be used for both polymers and complex plastics
  • Can also be used as a closed system

Operating principle

The separator is usually integrated into a telescopic loading pipe: The product to be cleaned is fed gravimetrically from a silo, through the loading pipe and through the separator. The product is dispersed within the separator, with air counterflow principles harnessed to ensure that dust is cleanly separated from the pellets. The separated dust is extracted in the top area of the separator, with the air.