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Our clean-in-place solutions guarantee efficient cleaning of modern production plants.

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Not just clean, but pure

Our clean-in-place (CIP) solutions assist with the efficient cleaning of modern production plants. These involve cleaning solutions being circulated through the production circuit, without any need to dismantle pipeline or tank systems.

Reproducible cleaning results are made possible by means of a recipe-controlled, automatic cleaning process, which guarantees hygiene even in higher-risk processing areas such as those for liquid yeast, wheaten pre-ferments and liquid egg, thus ensuring a high level of food safety.

Other facts:

  • No product loss (full extraction)
  • Faster product changeover
  • Clean separation between product batches, ensuring higher productivity
  • Reduced cleaning costs

As well as developing intelligent cleaning systems, we also pay fundamental attention to how cleaning can be made simple and thorough during development of each component in a plant. 

This consideration includes:

  •  Easy dismantling of parts
  • Ease of access
  • Use of stainless steel, even for screws
  • etc.

We also try to minimize contamination by means of intelligent design, for example by avoiding dead space, and developing systems for residue-free discharge.