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Why weld when you can bolt? We have made top quality even more economical with our Bolt-Tec silos, up to 1,000 m³ in size.

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Intelligent design

In future, silos will no longer need to be welded; they will instead be bolted together on-site. This innovative concept has been developed in collaboration with a number of research institutes, and it involves individual silo segments being delivered in a container and then bolted together on-site. It does not require any skilled staff – the assembly can be completed economically and quickly by your in-house employees.

You can calculate the savings achievable with our innovative modular design:

  • Low transport charges
  • Easy, fast assembly
  • Low assembly costs
  • Can also be assembled in the production hall
  • Enables increased volume
  • Reliable planning
  • Flexible positioning
  • Special interior sealing ensures extremely tight joins
  • No danger of weathering 
  • Maximum economic efficiency combined with the best Zeppelin quality

Innovative and fast

Featuring innovative connection and assembly technology, these silos can significantly reduce the costs that arise from long-distance transport – and these make up a significant share of total costs. Transportation by container rather than heavy goods vehicle means you can enjoy planning security as early as in the project phase, because both transport and the assembly costs can be calculated with precision – no matter where you wish to build your plant. We offer a range of payment options (rental, leasing, etc.). The Bolt-Tec design means that high transport charges, laborious assembly and damaged silos are a thing of the past. The silos can also “grow” with your needs: If you require additional storage capacity in the future, your silo can be easily and quickly expanded. Furthermore, Bolt-Tec silos are easy to dismantle and then reassemble in a different location.