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Your customers love sweets - and we love to provide you with comprehensive support in the production of your specialties: with state-of-the-art process technology and holistic process knowledge.

Life may sometimes resemble a box of chocolates - with all the "surprises" it holds: in the production of confectionery, uncertainties definitely have no place. After all, confectionery is nothing less than food, and as such must meet the highest standards. At the same time, as a producer of chocolates, chocolate bars, cookies, fruit gums, etc., you want to work as economically as possible, of course. We create the optimum conditions for both aspects - quality and efficiency. As a reliable partner, we at Zeppelin Systems have been working with leading companies in the confectionery industry for decades. You too can benefit from this wealth of experience in the areas of process know-how and technological solutions, flanked by the constant pursuit of innovation. After all, success is not a matter of taste.

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Point by point advantage

The excellence of an end product can always be measured by the quality of the process from which it emerges: because only when all components are perfectly designed and optimally coordinated with each other, they unite to form a coherent whole. With our many years of know-how in the confectionery industry, we ensure that you succeed in doing just that.


Optimal storage

Product-appropriate storage of the raw materials is essential to ensure the first-class quality of your end products. For this reason, we not only strictly rely on a 100% hygienic design of all components; our silos and bins are also consistently designed in accordance with the proven "first in - first out" principle and at the same time enable you to store and discharge them without segregation. Elementary process parameters such as humidity, temperature or maximum storage times are of course permanently monitored and controlled.


Discharge with pinpoint accuracy

The discharge devices from Zeppelin Systems are as individual as the recipes of your baked goods. Big Bag station or combined bag dumping station, discharge agitator or fluidized bed with air fluidization - the range of variants is wide. To ensure that you are not spoilt for choice, our process experts are always reliably at your side; after all, the system tailored to your needs should ultimately enable a uniform material flow and precise metering.



Individual conveying

Whether bulk solids or liquids - conveying systems from Zeppelin Systems are specially designed to meet the needs of the confectionery industry. In the area of solids, for example, the entire range of pneumatic conveying methods is available to you: whether it is conventional air conveying in positive and negative pressure operation, slow conveying that is particularly gentle on the product, or conveying with inert gas blanketed pneumatics. In the liquid raw materials segment, all common pump systems are used - depending on the application - from centrifugal and piston metering pumps to rotary piston pumps and twin-screw pumps.


Tailor-made processing

Temperature control, drying, moistening, homogenizing, sifting, mixing, grinding, recrystallizing. In these important process steps, too, the innovative plant solutions from Zeppelin Systems cover the entire spectrum - and can thus be optimally adapted to your respective application requirements. All this is done with maximum efficiency thanks to our process expertise and market-leading technologies. Our portfolio is completed by systems for the production of plasticized fats and cream masses.



Reliable weighing and dosing

Your processes and recipes determine what needs to be weighed and dosed. In turn, our technologies ensure the perfect "how" - from systems for batch weighing and differential dosing scales to customized solutions for handling liquids. Here, for example, we provide you with volumetric systems such as dosing pumps and volumetric flow meters or gravimetric process components such as liquids scales or mass flow meters. Whichever technology you choose: our process engineers will ensure smooth integration into your overall plant.


Gentle hydration

Especially for the production of pre-doughs (liquid sponge), we provide you with our innovative DymoMix™. This is a hydration system that is used between dosing and further processing. Your benefit: by moistening the powdered ingredients with water, a homogeneous mixture is immediately formed as the perfect basis for a wide range of dough types.



Continuous mixing and kneading

From butter cookies to fruit jellies, from muesli bars to cookies: consumers rely on consistently high product quality for their favorite confectionery products. So it's all the better that you can rely on the performance of our high-performance, continuously operating Codos mixing and kneading system. Consisting of the Codos tower, the DymoMix™ hydration system, and the Codos NT kneader modules, this innovative solution can be optimally adapted to your individual production requirements. Always included: low space requirement, high energy efficiency and minimum maintenance effort.

Codos NT

Our performance plus

Industrial scale testing at Zeppelin Systems


Testing is good, but testing on a 1:1 scale and under real conditions is better. Make sure that your plant is optimally designed for the properties of the raw material - for optimum output in every respect. For this purpose, our state-of-the-art technical center at the Friedrichshafen site is available to you, equipped with all systems and components relevant to the plastics industry in terms of process technology.                                                                                                                

Service without compromises



Your plant should do one thing above all: run and deliver. To achieve this, we provide you with reliable, professional service. Rely on our worldwide service network with the best advice and extremely fast spare parts supply for minimized downtimes. If required, we are of course also at your side digitally: from virtual troubleshooting to online-supported commissioning.

Process control, state of the art



The goal: maximum availability. The way to achieve it: highly automated process control and logistics management systems from Zeppelin Systems. Convince yourself of our competence and solve even the most complex tasks quickly and efficiently.     




CODOS NT - The continuous mixing and kneading system


DymoMix - 100% dough quality - easily made


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Dough technology from Zeppelin Systems


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