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PM pneumatic mixer
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PM pneumatic mixer


Pneumatic mixers are suitable for the gentle mixing of fluidizable bulk materials, baking ingredients, cappuccino mixes and much more.

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PM pneumatic mixer

Design features
Compact steel or stainless steel cylindrical mixer containers with bolted-on porous fluidizing base. Conveyor units can be attached via multiple flange connections to transport dry bulk material to the container. The mixer contains no internal moving parts, and features smooth interior surfaces as well as a large inspection and maintenance door that facilitates easy cleaning. The fluidizing bed can be produced in various sintered materials such as polyethylene or stainless steel. Available as a pressure-sealed version for pneumatic applications or an unpressurized version for gravimetric conveying. The mixer can also be equipped with nozzles for the introduction of liquids, or with load cells for weighing tasks.

  • Stainless steel cylindrical mixing vessel with bolted-on fluidizing bed.
  • No internal moving parts.
  • Fluidizing bed made from polyethylene or stainless steel
  • Pressure-sealed or unpressurized version

The mixing vessel is filled with powdered solids mechanically or pneumatically. A gas, usually air, flows into the fluidizing bed under overpressure, causing the dry, fine-grained bulk material to be fluidized. Following the circulation pattern of the introduced gas, an upward-flowing fluidized mixture of bulk material and gas forms in the gas inlet area; at the same time, non-fluidized portions of the product flow downwards. This continuous, three-dimensional rearrangement creates the effect of intensive yet gentle mixing of the bulk material. The material is discharged directly into a pneumatic or unpressurized transfer system then into a downstream container. Other processing steps such as heating, cooling, drying and moistening can be integrated with minimal effort.

Special designs (optional)

Integratable weighing

  • Spray addition of liquids and oils
  • Heating, cooling, drying or moistening of the product
  • Pressure-monitoring for fluidizing bed control
  • Fast-running star blade to break up agglomerations (chopper)
  • Fluidizing bed can be pivoted for cleaning purposes


  • Gentle on products
  • Short mixing time
  • No internal moving parts.
  • Easy to clean
  • Separation-free output can be ensured with the aid of a dense phase conveying system