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Continous mixing and kneading system Codos®

Success all along the line

16,000 pretzels per hour, 2 million rolls per day, 3.2 tons of cookie dough per hour… Codos® is designed for big jobs. The continuous mixing and kneading system provides a constant quality of dough around the clock so that you can always achieve the same results at all times. Regardless of whether it’s mono-lines or flexible lines for different products – the Codos®System from Zeppelin can be used for everything.

The advantages over batch kneaders are impressive

  • Optimum product quality at all times
  • Can immediately react to raw material quality fluctuations
  • Constant dough temperature
  • Rapid recipe change
  • Gentle product handling
  • Up to 30% energy savings
  • Increase in line efficiency
  • Fully-automated operation
  • Simple to operate

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Your advantages

  • Optimum dough quality due to gentle kneading process
  • Maximum flexibility due to modular design 
  • More output, less floor space
  • Efficiency guaranteed
  • Easy operation and maintenance (WIP) - little downtime

Codos® NT at a glance

Reduced space requirement

  • 25 % shorter - 15 % narrower
  • Saves space and installation costs - with higher performance


Easy operation and maintenance

  • Quick access through an easy-to-open hood
  • Replacement of seals without dismantling the shaft


Optimized tank design

  • Efficiency and better cooling due to the optimized, double-walled tank design
  • No forced cooling fan required anymore

CODOS NT Doppelwandiger Trog

Higher tightness - easiest cleaning

  • The CODOS® NT mixer is protected against strong jets of water (IP66)
  • Optionally positioned on load cells the current filling level is displayed

CODOS NT Integrierte Wägezellen

Drive unit

  • Electric servo motor drive technology for optimum control 
  • Position and alignment of gearbox and motor view centered

CODOS NT Antriebseinheit

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Codos NT

The continuous mixing and kneading system

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