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Zeppelin Systems drives tire manufacturing and tire recycling forward


Friedrichshafen. At the Tire Technology Expo in Hanover (March 21 to 23, 2023), Zeppelin Systems will showcase materials handling technologies for Mixing Rooms along with new concepts for sustainable remanufacturing. The solution provider focuses on specialist handling of conventional materials as well as high-quality recyclates and new sustainable materials, contributing to a circular economy.

Zeppelin Systems is well known and respected for its process know-how and supply of solutions for Silo storage, pneumatic conveying, weighing, and feeding of powders, chemicals, solids, and liquids, all carefully managed by its Automation packages. However, the company is not only constantly developing in this field of expertise; tyre recycling is now an essential and expanding part of Zeppelin's plant engineering business as the industry is facing growing challenges. Modern tire production needs to embrace new targets in sustainability, accuracy, reliability, and quality through precision materials handling. Additionally new sustainable materials and return of recovered raw materials to the production cycle are key.

Zeppelin Systems meets these needs by supplying solutions for the tyre mixing room, recycling technology and recovery plants for end-of-life tyres. "We will be presenting our comprehensive expertise in both conventional materials handling along with reprocessing solutions to visitors at the Tire Technology Expo," says Dr. Markus Vöge, CEO of Zeppelin Systems GmbH. "Our goal is to help our customers produce high quality tyres but also close the loop and give every tire a second life in this process," adds Guido Veit, Vice President Sales for Polyolefins, Rubber and Silos at Zeppelin Systems GmbH.

Visit Zeppelin at the Tire Technology Expo 2023 in Hall 021 at booth 9000

From March 21 to 23 visitors can explore 120 square metres dedicated to Zeppelin and investigate why they are perceived as a reliable provider of mixing room solutions and potential partner for solutions to produce recyclates such as devulcanized rubber, fibre-reinforced stabilizers, recycled and cleaned carbon black (rCB) and recycled oils. These new sustainable materials are produced using several advanced processes (e.g. sorting, separation, shredding, granulating, devulcanization and water jet technologies along with Pyrolysis of End-of-Life Tyres and Purification of the Pyrolysis Char).

"We continue to develop our technologies and are thrilled to be recognized as a competent solution provider in these areas", adds Dr. Markus Vöge, CEO of Zeppelin Systems GmbH. The primary message of Zeppelin Systems at the trade fair: We are experts in handling all materials used in the tire production process and experienced know-how of solutions for recycling and handling of sustainable materials.

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