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Better safe than sorry: the RS rotary sifting machine

Trust is good, control is better: After all, it can always happen that there is something in your bulk material that doesn't belong there - be it shell residues from nuts, little stones in the grain or oversized particles in the plastic granulate. We at Zeppelin Systems help you "find the needle in the haystack". To be more precise: our high-performance RS rotary sifter. It reliably removes foreign matter and precisely verifies grain sizes.


Your advantages

Safety first

With their ATEX certification and pressure-tight design, our RS rotary sifter meet the highest safety standards. The Pressure tight operation ranges from -0.4 to 1.0 bar(g), optionally up to 1.2 bar(g).


Reduced cleaning effort

Invest valuable working time in efficient production - and not in tedious cleaning processes: Thanks to the hygienically optimized machine frame made of round profiles and the easy-to-clean screen basket, your employees remove dust and deposits literally in the blink of an eye.


Optimal for food

Our RS rotary sifter has proven itself in the food industry. All parts in contact with the product are therefore of food quality and designed on the basis of the EHEDG guidelines as well as the BG regulations.


Please do not disturb

With the automatic screen basket monitoring system called Screen-D-Tect, our RS screening machine continuously monitors the condition of the special screen mesh during operation. This means that if a screen breakage or screen basket wear occurs, the machine detects it and sends a signal. This effectively minimizes the risk of production downtime or incorrect batch production.


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