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Process Components

We supply the right, high-quality process components to suit your applications. These components can be used to permanently alter the shape, color, composition, or volume of bulk material or liquids.

Process rotary feeders

Prozessschleuse_Process rotary feeder.jpg

From a process feeder with chopping function to a high-pressure feeder for pressures up to 5.5 bar.



Filter AE.jpg

Our filter systems have just one aim: To exceed the expectations of our customers – after all, clean air leaves a lasting impression.



Separators are used for cleaning plastic granulates, eliminating dust particles as well as streamers and fine hairs.

Screening machines

Siebmaschine_Screening machine_RS.jpg


Zeppelin separators are ideal for processing bulk material, reliably removing foreign material and verifying grain sizes with pinpoint accuracy.



Cyclone separators for pneumatic conveyors from 50 to 10,000 cubic meters, also for use in aspiration systems. The solid-gas mixture is separated using centrifugal force.

We develop and produce all process components that impact on the quality of your bulk material. Because we know you demand exceptional functionality, we take full responsibility for providing it. From conducting serial trial processes in our technology center, through the design and production phase, and culminating in first-rate service – we put our vast experience to good use in the development of process components.Close ties to our customers worldwide mean that we’re always one step ahead of the latest trends.That’s why you will notice one name that always comes up when talking about the development of new processes or the optimization of existing ones: Zeppelin.