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MB process mixer
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MB process mixer


This model represents an extension of the functions of the double-walled FM design, featuring multi-zone temperature control to offer precise process temperature control for temperature-sensitive products.

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MB process mixer

It is the most precise, most gentle and most reliable system for the bonding process in the world, and it is the result of decades of experience. Our precisely defined process technology and the bonding-optimized product characteristics guarantee complete process safety, virtually loss-free production, and excellent processing qualities in the mixed materials.

The MB process mixer also offers optimized design features for the production of metallic powder paints and particularly for the bonding process for high-gloss products, such as those used in the automotive industry.

Special features

  • Proven technology with a completely unique range of functions
  • Guaranteed, reproducible quality
  • Controlled, complete process safety, precise process temperature control
  • Fully bonded products so no separation occurs after processing
  • First-class brilliance and consistent color quality
  • Extensive range of accessories (cooled tool, multi-zone temperature control)
  • Explosion protection for outstanding reliability (nitrogen inertization, oxygen measurement)