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The Multi-Flow blending silo is suitable for free-flowing to poorly flowing bulk materials, and for continuous and non-continuous mixing.

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The Zeppelin Multi-Flow blending hopper is designed to ensure different flow speeds in the hopper and in the cylinder area below; an effect that results in different dwell times, thereby bringing about the mixing effect. Multi-Flow blending silos with a slenderness ratio (height: diameter) of <2.5 are particularly efficient The Multi-Flow blending hopper can either be installed in a new silo or added later via flange-mounting or weld-joining. Inside the hopper, support comes exclusively from flat vertical fins, making cleaning easier.


  • Existing silos can be quickly and easily retrofitted with this blending hopper.
  • Mixing effect achieved through broad dispersal of dwell time and mass flow
  • Blending hopper can be easily cleaned thanks to the lack of additional internals
  • Cost-efficient mixing solution
  • Reduced height due to internal blending chamber
  • Residue-free emptying
  • Can be used in combination with degassing