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Multi-Channel blending silos are ideal for free-flowing bulk materials such as pellets. They can be used for continuous and non-continuous mixing.

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System description
The process is based on the principle of simultaneously collecting bulk material from 18 different heights, via vertical blending pipes within the blending silo, and routing it to a central blending chamber. In this blending chamber, the 18 partial flows are blended with the mass flow from the central outlet cone and discharged. A total of 6 blending pipes, each with 3 chambers, are installed internally to achieve this, and the product output at the blender discharge is made up of a mixture from the entire silo.


  • Batch homogenization
  • Can be used at different fill levels down to approximately 25%
  • The design of the blending silo, to optimize mass flow, guarantees a good, reproducible homogenization result
  • Easy integration into processing
  • A single cycle is sufficient for many applications in continuous operation
  • Residue-free emptying
  • Can be used in combination with degassing
  • Blending pipes are welded to the silo shell
  • No additional fixings are required for the blending pipe