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HC horizontal cooler
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HC horizontal cooler


This cutting-edge horizontal cooling mixer is made entirely from stainless steel and offers a very good cooling performance thanks to its double-jacketed mixing bowl in pillow-plate design.

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HC horizontal cooler

Special features

Mixing container

  • Stainless steel double-shell jacket in multi-chamber design for high material turbulence and excellent heat transfer as a result.
  • All water supply lines are made from stainless steel, which ensures that no
    corrosion or water pollution occurs.
  • No deposits or rot can develop in the double shell jacket over time. No chemical flushing is necessary.
  • Optimization of the heating mixer process ensures higher throughput as a result of increased water pressure. This allows
    production costs for the end product to be reduced.
  • Smaller frame size and smaller installation space mean
    lower investment is required.
  • Even cooling of all surfaces ensures a homogeneous 
    dryblend temperature for the cooled batch that is transferred for the subsequent
  • Efficient cooling by means of pressure-resistant cooling water circulation allows the output capacity to be increased while ensuring a high level of process safety. The container is virtually indestructible by overpressure.

Mixing tool:

  • The design of the robust two-arm paddle cooling tool ensures
    even, quiet operation so that the end product is not impaired by abrasion, lump formation or color effects.
  • Easy cleaning and the double batch
    design option help to reduce production costs.

Bevel gear drive:

  • The robust, flexible design with strong bearing is very easy to maintain and durable.


  • Optimal arrangement for easy access, generously proportioned design
    facilitated by a strong center shaft, with automatic lubrication
    to simplify and reduce maintenance intervals. 


  • The frame design relieves pressure on the vessel and the tool shaft for quiet operation, ensuring no vibration occurs. It also allows for better access, making maintenance easier.

Tool shaft / shaft seal:

  • Solidly designed stainless steel shaft for a high level of reliability
  • Thanks to the split design, the shaft seal can be easily replaced and is low-maintenance, ensuring that maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.
  • Easier preventive maintenance and a high level of reliability


  • Good accessibility and the size of the cover opening ensure easy cleaning and faster formulation changes, yielding time savings.
  • The cover seal is very flexible and 100% tight, even during the fastest
    possible emptying from the heating mixer. This ensures that no contamination arises and the operator works with a clean mixer.


  • The solid outlet features a dead-space-free cover plate and seal
    , along with low height to ensure fast emptying, to rule out quality variations arising as a result of contamination.

The robust and structurally strong design of the HC horizontal cooling mixer guarantees a long service life, 

while the accompanying safety package ensures maximum operational safety. 

Ample, well-organized water connections, ease of access and a clear arrangement of a pneumatic cabinet for controlling the vents allow for easy installation of the machine that is less time-consuming, as well as problem-free operation with minimal maintenance time.