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FB discharge bottom
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FB discharge bottom


The FB fluidizing bed is a pneumatic aeration system for the discharge of poorly-flowing but highly fluidizable bulk materials.

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FB discharge bottom

The fluidizing bed can be installed onto cylindrical exterior or interior storage silos, as well as weighing and storage containers, using a bored mating flange (container must be vented to the atmosphere). The product outlet is directly connected to the downstream unit, creating a tight, closed system.
The fluidizing bed also offers further applications: Mixing, drying, temperature control, recrystallization. Allow our experts to advise you so you can implement an engineering design that is tailored to your specific application.


  • Output that is gentle on bulk materials, by means of pneumatic activation of the bulk material column
  • Bulk material fluidizing allows for even/pulsation-free output
  • Optimized gas consumption plus maximum discharge capacity
  • Optimized structural arrangement of chambers allows for (virtually) residue-free discharge
  • Wide range of applications such as fluidizing, discharging, mixing, drying and temperature control are all covered by a single product
  • Durable and low-maintenance
  • Gas distribution funnel with aeration base featuring injection nozzle, inlet and outlet flange
  • Upper cone opening with flange coupling for connection to container, lower cone opening with flange joint for rotary valve, conveying screw, gutter, sealing caps or other conveyors
  • Cone with optimized number of chambers depending on size and application
  • Funnel gradient of 60° or 110° depending on application and installation situation
  • Robust design adapted to silo load and contents
  • External cone in powder-coated steel or stainless steel
  • Aeration base made from polyethylene sintered plates, also available in stainless steel sintered plates if required for your application (sintered stainless steel)
  • Stainless steel terminal strip
  • No dead space
  • Temperature resistance between -10° and 70°C (operational and mechanical design temperature)
  • ATEX-compliant

Equipment configurations, options and accessories:

  • Can be operated as an aeration unit with process gas reservoir including accessories (60° funnel gradient) or with aeration unit for compact blower (110° funnel gradient)
  • Pipe fittings and pipe system