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DS dosing and conveying screw
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DS dosing and conveying screw


The DS dosing and conveying screw is used for dosing and conveying dry, powder and pelleted bulk materials, and for emptying vessels.

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DS dosing and conveying screw

The DS dosing and conveying screw is used for dosing and conveying dry, powder and pelleted bulk materials, and for emptying vessels. In conveying systems, it is used for dosing and filling to weighing vessels The dosing and conveying screw is available with one or two outlets.


  • Stainless steel pipe conveying screw with one or two outlets
  • Available in five sizes (80/100/150/200/300). Configurations with various distances from the center of the feeding inlet to the outlet available, in 50 mm increments. All sizes generally without intermediate storage.
  • Stainless steel feeding inlet housing standardized with welded round feeding inlet with pipe segment and outlet.
  • Outlet has no sharp edges (flared and rounded) and is designed as a crosspiece. Can be opened for de-aeration or inspection by means of upper nozzles.
  • Single-outlet version: Screw shaft with laser-cut screw flight, continuously welded and progressively arranged in the conveying direction
  • Two-outlet variant: Screw shaft with laser-cut screw flights, continuously welded on both sides. Because the screw runs in reversible operation (2-outlet variant), there is only one pitch between the screw flights; the motor’s rotation direction is adjusted to the conveying direction.
  • Bearing housing with stainless steel plate, with dust-tight external bearings and food-industry-compliant bearing lubrication, air purge bushing, PTFE joint ring and product reject slot.
  • Lifelong lubrication of the bearings, no subsequent lubrication required.
  • Direct operation by means of plug-in transmission motor. Output can be adjusted to local conditions (bulk material, bulk material weight, output, accuracy of weighing scale, etc.) via frequency converter to be installed by the client
  • Conveying and dosing with high dosing precision by means of a dosing star as well as regulation using the frequency converter
  • All surfaces that come into contact with bulk material are made from stainless steel. Processed surfaces / interior surface roughness 0.8µm, polished exterior.
  • No sharp edges on outlet (flared and rounded)
  • Gap-free welded helix and screw flight
  • Flange joint on feeding inlet, flared coupling on outlet (optional) Flange joint (for flange valve or transition piece)
  • Operating pressure and mechanical design pressure between -0.2 bar and 0.1 bar (g)
  • Withstands temperatures between -10 and +50°C (operational and mechanical design temperature)
  • Declaration of incorporation or declaration of conformity in accordance with the Machinery Directive, EC type examination certificate in accordance with the ATEX Directive and declaration of ATEX conformity available

Equipment configurations, options and accessories

  • Description: Trough conveying screw with one or two outlets
  • Description: Quick cleaning
  • EHEDG-compliant design using food-industry-compliant oils and lubricants
  • High-quality smoothing of rough areas / electro-chemically polished surfaces
  • Sealing gas for bearing at feeding inlet and outlet, or feeding inlet during dosing/conveying to weighing scale. Sealing gas helps to ensure long service life for the bearing
  • Cleaning hatches and safety limit switches from size 100. Corresponding number and sizes depending on size and distance between feeding inlet and outlet.
  • Speed monitoring sensor. Supervision of rotary frequency is recommended in explosion risk areas, in particular so that the maximum permissible circumferential speed is maintained.