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Get the best out of the barley: with malting solutions from Zeppelin Systems that are as economical as they are robust.

Some like it dark and strong, others a light golden yellow, and still others prefer to toast with a new creation every time. When it comes to brewery products, distillates and the like, there really is no accounting for taste. Quite the opposite is true of quality. This outcome is not determined in the actual production process, but far in advance. To be more precise: during the production of the malt. We at Zeppelin Systems accompany you through all the relevant process steps on the demanding path from the whole grain to the finished malt - and to a product quality that truly deserves the title "exceptional".

Examples of our areas of application


You can count on this process competence

nd that even in the literal sense of the word: because our concentrated know-how in malt production not only enables you to achieve maximum product quality; with us as your partner, you also increase the profitability and efficiency of your entire process. For results that convince customers - and inspire your Controlling Department.


Clean delivery

Contamination, dust & co. have no place here: thanks to our various raw material reception solutions, the barley enters your conveyor systems cleanly and efficiently. The first step on the way to best product quality has been taken!

Carefully clean & sort

The good ones into the silo - the bad ones sieved out: Benefit from the numerous high-performance cleaning and sorting solutions in our portfolio. For example, stones or other impurities can be reliably removed from the delivered barley.



Store safely & transparently

The credo "no compromises" also applies to us in the area of silo technology. On request, we not only equip your silos with special heat protection devices that protect the valuable stored goods from damaging temperature influences; you can also take advantage of  a wide range of value-added features - from integrated load cells and precise dosing valves to solutions for automatic fill level monitoring.


Optimal conveying

For us, this means first and foremost: tailor-made support. That's why Zeppelin Systems lets you choose the conveying method that best suits your needs on site. Dry or wet, horizontal or vertical, with self-cleaning chain conveyors or bucket elevators including dust filters ... Your process, your decision!



Exact weighing

Precise weighing is good - keeping an eye on all parameters at all times is even better. The automatic flow scales from Zeppelin Systems enable you to do both. In addition, many other weighing systems are available to help you set up your malt production even more economically.


Intelligent steeping

This calculation works: Thanks to our high-performance steeping systems, you can increase the output of your plant without having to accept a loss of quality. At the same time, the technologies used reduce your water consumption and energy use, which measurably increases  overall plant efficiency.



Efficient germination

The germination process is an elementary process step in every malthouse - and we make it even more reliable and economical for you. For example, we use state-of-the-art automation technology to turn the soaked barley constantly and evenly. This reduces the amount of manual work to a minimum.

Selective kilning & roasting

There is potential everywhere - you just have to tap into it. In the kilning process step, our solutions for heat recovery and automation are just some of the things that will help you. When it comes to roasting, you can rely on high-performance roasting systems from Zeppelin Systems - they enable you to generate differentiated flavors and colorations to specifically influence the character of the final product.




De-root effectively

The successful conclusion of a well-positioned malting process: During the de-rooting process, the unusable green and white roots are separated from the rest of the barley. Here, too, Zeppelin Systems offers a wide range of solutions that give you a clear competitive edge.

Our performance plus

Industrial scale testing at Zeppelin Systems


Testing is good, but testing on a 1:1 scale and under real conditions is better. Make sure that your plant is optimally designed for the properties of the raw material - for optimum output in every respect. For this purpose, our state-of-the-art technical center at the Friedrichshafen site is available to you, equipped with all systems and components relevant to the plastics industry in terms of process technology.                                                                                                                

Service without compromises



Your plant should do one thing above all: run and deliver. To achieve this, we provide you with reliable, professional service. Rely on our worldwide service network with the best advice and extremely fast spare parts supply for minimized downtimes. If required, we are of course also at your side digitally: from virtual troubleshooting to online-supported commissioning.

Process control, state of the art



The goal: maximum availability. The way to achieve it: highly automated process control and logistics management systems from Zeppelin Systems. Convince yourself of our competence and solve even the most complex tasks quickly and efficiently.     



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We take care of the barley


Green field large-scale malt plant delivers up to 800 tons per day

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