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Are you interested in innovative technology topics? Do you want to know how to make your processes even more efficient while achieving very high product quality? Would you like to expand your market potential? Then register for our free Virtual Talks.

In this online format, our experts share their many years of experience - always with a focus on your individual challenges. With over 70 years of experience in plant engineering, we know your individual process steps - from plastics, paints and chemicals to the food and rubber and tire industries. You always have the opportunity to ask questions and communicate with our experts.

We look forward to your participation!

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Sustainability in the Rubber Mixing Room

16_9_Sustainability-in-the-Rubber-Mixing-Room_Rubber-Plant_16_9.jpg RUBBER

Corporate - Social - Responsibility: What sustainable solutions does Zeppelin Systems offer in the Rubber Mixing Room? More Info.

Past events at a glance

Improve economic and ecological goals by using sustainable Technologies – Liquid Dosing System

16_9_LDS_1.jpg RUBBER

Precision dosing with no losses ensures cost and performance efficiency. Upgrade your existing facility and meet the modern requirements of sophisticated compounding. More Info

CMQ Container mixer - Compounding & Masterbatch

16_9_CMQ.jpg MIXING

With the patented wing profile tool and a flat mixing head, the CMQ container mixer achieves a consistently high color strength and high fine distribution ... more


Powder handling solutions for the paint industry of water-based paints

16_9_Farbsplash.jpg PAINT INDUSTRY

Learn more about topics such as powder handling flexibility for a wide range of formulations, weighing accuracy, .... more

CMQ Container mixer – Powder coatings premix – fast, clean, efficient

16_9_CMQ.jpg MIXING

With the patented wing profile tool and a flat mixing head, the CMQ container mixer achieves fast homogenization and guarantees very good dispersion performance... more

Process solutions for the starch industry - Starch is like gold

Thumbnail Stärke neutral.png FOOD INDUSTRY

Almost unnoticed, the market for starch and starch derivatives has grown strongly over the past 25 years. The background to this is, .... more

Two-channel diverter valve for pneumatic bulk material conveying

16_9_DVV-Weiche_v2.jpg COMPONENTS

Do you operate pneumatic conveying systems and attach great importance to their stability and the preservation of the quality of your bulk material? ... more

DymoMix: Pre-mixer for batch and continuously produced doughs for the bakery industry

Dymomix_16_9 Food

The DymoMix works as a pre-mixer, in the kneading process of different baked goods. The powdered components are hydrated with liquids and a homogeneous mixture is created. More Info