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VGS separator
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VGS separator


Compact design VGS vibratory pellet separator High separation efficiency, featuring cleaning that is gentle on bulk material and simple dosing.

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VGS separator


  • Separation of the finest dust particles from pellets
  • Secure removal of long streamers
  • Extremely high efficiency thanks to the combination of vibration and flowing gas
  • Consistent separation efficiency throughout the entire duration of operation
  • Primarily gravimetric feeding, pneumatic feeding via a transfer hopper also possible
  • Individual customization to suit product and throughput
  • No intake or discharge feeders required for operation


  • Compact design and height
  • Outstanding separation efficiency, with cleaning that is gentle on products
  • Easy dosing and feeding, extremely easy setup and installation
  • Integrated multiple screening


  • Separator for gravimetric loading of up to 60 metric tons per hour n High Efficient separation:
  • Used directly before packing and loading
  • Can be used for both polymers and complex plastics

Operating principle

The product to be cleaned is gravimetrically fed into the separator and evenly distributed inside it on a vibrating conveyor. A targeted stream of gas, delivered through the perforated vibrating conveyor, is responsible for the actual separation process: The horizontal movement of the pellets to be cleaned, combined with the simultaneous, defined gas stream ensures that dust particles and streamers are removed from the accepted product, ensuring excellent separation efficiency.