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We specialize not only in the development and production of new plants, but also have extensive experience in modifying, refurbishing, debottlenecking and modernizing existing plants.

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Optimization of existing plants
Secures sustainable value preservation and performance for your plant

  • Modification
    • Plants and installed components are often oversized. Where this is the case, product throughput can be improved and plant capacity can be considerably increased by configuring conveyor parameters. 
    • We offer customized modification packages on the basis of an on-site survey
  • Refurbishment
    • An analysis to determine which components have the potential for improvement is performed, taking into account the design data, with a view to boosting performance levels of existing plants.
    • Product throughput can be increased by means of the targeted replacement of specific components
    • A customized offering is prepared on the basis of an on-site survey and analysis of the system by the process engineering team.
  • Debottlenecking
    • The goal of debottlenecking is to increase the production capacity of existing plants by adjusting their technical equipment and processes.
    • Debottlenecking helps to eradicate throughput limitations and increase production capacity.
    • The cost of debottlenecking is a fraction of the investment required to construct a new production plant or to expand an existing one
  • Modernization
    • Production plants that have already been in use for several years simply cannot compete with the performance that modern plants offer, even if recommended maintenance intervals have been observed. This is where our modernization concept for existing plants is effective,
    • encompassing projects from smaller-scale retrofitting to the complex modernization of entire plants.

Investing in optimizing your plant will ensure that it remains at the cutting edge. The costs of modernization are significantly lower than the investment costs associated with constructing a new production plant or expanding an existing one.