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For silos with capacities in excess of 500 m³. We also prefabricate individual segments for Panel-Tec silos at the plant; these can be transported inexpensively to the construction site by container.

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Saving you time and money
Zeppelin Panel-Tec silos

As a global market leader, Zeppelin also stands out when it comes to constructing silos with capacities over 500 m³. Thanks to its innovative flange design and assembly technologies, the new Panel-Tec design offers decisive advantages – shorter assembly times and verifiable Zeppelin quality. The concept: Individual silo segments are prefabricated at our production site as far as possible, with flanges installed. These segments are transported to the construction site in containers, where the segments are put together and screwed in place – silos can be assembled hanging from a crane or lying flat – and then automatically internally welded. Installation is far quicker than with the traditional process, and can also be performed in any weather conditions.

Verifiable welding quality means cost savings

The innovative design of the flange coupling makes it possible to inspect the weld seams along the flanging. The benefit for you: Documented non-destructive weld-seam testing (e.g. ultrasonic) can increase the weld seam factor, ensuring that the wall strength of the silo can be fully utilized. The flange couplings used as an assembly aid also increase stability in terms of bulging, and help to optimize the wall strength.

Packed with clever ideas, from the roof to the cone

When it comes to the new Panel-Tec design, the experts at Zeppelin have thought of everything. The new cone design allows for the fast, precise adjustment of the cone sections – of course there are no sharp edges on the cone inside the silo, which helps ensure optimal bulk material flow without any polishing of the weld seams. When it comes to the silo roof, you have three variants to choose from. All process technology options for equipping the silo with market-leading blending equipment or gassing technology from Zeppelin are also available for Panel-Tec silos.