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KWS separator
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KWS separator


KWS cascade air separator for gravimetric feeding of up to 200 metric tons per hour. The design used eliminates dead space and prevents the risk of bulk materials mixing.

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KWS separator


  • Separation of the finest dust particles from pellets
  • Secure removal of long streamers
  • Consistent separation efficiency throughout the entire duration of operation
  • Gravimetric feeding
  • No intake or discharge feeders required for
  • Circular cross-section


  • Maintenance-free due to absence of rotating or
    wearing parts
  • Effective operation with maximum separation efficiency
  • Gentle product handling
  • Reduced height
  • Designed to have no dead space, meaning no risk
    of products mixing
  • Screens directly from the upstream vessel
  • Easy setup and installation


  • Separator for gravimetric loading of up to 200 metric tons per hour
  • High separation efficiency
  • Used directly before packing and loading
  • Can be used for both polymers and complex plastics

Operating principle

The pellets to be cleaned are gravimetrically fed into the separator from
a full product column. Alternatively, a rotary feeder can be used
to administer the pellets. The product
falls into the discharge area via rotationally symmetrical cascades.
The principle of counterflow is used to ensure that the
dust is cleanly separated from the pellets, then the separated
dust is extracted in the top area of the separator with the air.