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Continuous dough production: CODOS® system
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Continuous dough production: CODOS® system


The CODOS® continuous mixing and kneading system delivers consistent dough quality around the clock, ensuring that you always achieve the same, optimal result.

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Continuous dough production: CODOS® system

A resounding success
16,000 pretzels per hour, 2 million bread rolls per day, 3.2 metric tons of cookie dough per hour… CODOS® was made to meet big challenges. The continuous mixing and kneading system delivers consistent dough quality around the clock – meaning that you can achieve the same, optimal result at all times. Whether you run single lines or flexible lines for a variety of products, Zeppelin’s versatile CODOS® system can be used virtually anywhere.

The system boasts impressive advantages when compared with batch kneaders

  • Consistent, optimal product quality
  • Makes it possible to instantly respond to fluctuations in raw material quality
  • Constant dough temperature
  • Enables rapid recipe changes
  • Gentle product handling
  • Energy savings of up to 30%
  • Increased line efficiency
  • Fully automatic operation
  • User-friendly

The new generation of CODOS® systems: CODOS® NT
The new product line boasts new drive technology, new cooling, new wash-in-place capability and of course a new control system that communicates with Zeppelin’s overarching automation and digitization software.

The asynchronous gear motor used in the earlier systems has been replaced with a water-cooled servo drive featuring a single reduction gear, which not only makes the new generation 40% lighter, but also reduces the installation length – so you save space and reduce power consumption to boot. All new systems also come equipped with an emergency stop function, which can be used to stop the facility immediately if necessary.

The cooling system for the CODOS® NT models has also been completely redesigned, and trough cooling efficiency has been significantly improved, guaranteeing better heat transfer. All components for trough cooling will be positioned outside of the CODOS® NT in future.

The new range of CODOS® systems will be available in three different sizes from the end of 2019:

  • CODOS® NT 160: Dough output of approximately 3 metric tons per hour
  • CODOS® NT 200: Dough output of approximately 4–5 metric tons per hour
  • CODOS® NT 230: Dough output of up to 8 metric tons per hour