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Zeppelin Systems: Provider of solutions for full spectrum of rubber and tire manufacturing

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Zeppelin Systems is a an exceptional German manufacturing company which is perhaps not as well known in the global runner and tire industry as it should be . This iconic company was founded by the legendary Count Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin in 1908 to build airships under the company name Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH. He then handed over the entire company to the Zeppelin Foundation. The Zeppelin, the rigid airship created by Count Zeppelin,were developed in detail in 1893 and patented in Germany in 1895 and in the US in 1899. They were first flown commercially in 1910 but will go down in history for their key role as bombers during raids over England in the World War I. The Airships were named Zeppelin, as was the Foundation which continues to be the owner of the current Zeppelin Group.

The complete article as well as an interview with Guido Veit, Business Unit Director Plastics & Rubber can be found in the download area below.