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Silo production has a long tradition at Zeppelin. The company even welded aluminium containers back in the days of airship construction at the beginning of the 20th century.

This special know-how developed into the driving force behind the realignment of the Zeppelin operations after the Second World War. The first standard silo made from aluminium was developed back in 1950. Other innovations, such as the development of the telescopic silo in the 1970s or the technology for the simple installation of silos, even above 500 m³, ensured steady growth of silo technology at Zeppelin.

Our product range is geared towards the global demand for storage silos along our customers' supply chain. We ensure the economical, reliable and gentle storage of high-quality bulk materials with our stainless steel or aluminium storage silos.

Due to fluctuations in the process or the raw materials, it is not always easy to attain consistently high product quality in producing or recycling plastics. Zeppelin's blending silos make it possible to balance out these fluctuations and achieve considerably better results. Our vast product range covers many bulk materials and the corresponding mixing efficiency requirements, even in the standard version.


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