Process solutions

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Benefit from knowledge across all industries

We have expertise in every single aspect of handling raw materials within numerous industries. We therefore use the know-how that we have accumulated over the years across all industries for the benefit of our customers.

For example, a conveying process that is used in the food industry can also be useful for conveying sensitive raw materials for the rubber/carbon black industry.

We transfer technologies, for example, that have been used for a long time in one area into other areas where they are regarded as innovations – and it is always our customers who benefit from this complex know-how.

Receipt of materials / storage technology

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Successful from the outset

Our customers already lay the foundation for successful plant operation at the point that raw materials are received. We are on hand to advise them on the basis of our know-how, even when it comes to the question of the location of the materials – inside or outside the building. We analyze the spatial and structural conditions, take hygiene aspects, environmental standards and health and safety regulations into consideration and provide the best solution. This also applies to questions, such as static or mobile, manually or fully-automated, collected or distributed over several stations, etc.

Our flexible system solutions deal with every type of delivery. Whether it's solid materials or liquids in containers, sacks, big bags or tanker loads: we handle every type of bulk material – and we can store them reliably too. Our silo solutions are ready for anything: explosion protection, degassing, temperature control, mixing silos for the leveling of batch disparities. Various pre-screening devices and discharge aids are used for the conveying process.

Raw material handling from A to Z

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