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Benefit from knowledge across all industries

We have expertise in every single aspect of handling raw materials within numerous industries. We therefore use the know-how that we have accumulated over the years across all industries for the benefit of our customers.

For example, a conveying process that is used in the food industry can also be useful for conveying sensitive raw materials for the rubber/carbon black industry.

We transfer technologies, for example, that have been used for a long time in one area into other areas where they are regarded as innovations – and it is always our customers who benefit from this complex know-how.

Process control | Automation

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Ideal solutions pre-programmed

Which company is in the best position to develop the controls and automation for a system? The company that constructed the system.

All systems are perfectly attuned to one another with our automation solutions. The process and control technology are often in-house developments and the process management is also based on our own software solutions. From a simple weighing system to fully-automated production with Internet connection – everything is possible. Our engineering team takes care of the drafting of requirements and performance specifications, the design and implementation of interfaces, functional descriptions, controls for special equipment, customer support and training, amongst other things. In short, we ensure that every system runs smoothly and automatically.

What are the advantages of using total quality control? How can you use your collected data to facilitate your audits? What possibilities offer comprehensive control systems in regards to Industry 4.0?

Convincing answers for the food industry.

Raw material handling from A to Z

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