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Benefit from knowledge across all industries

We have expertise in every single aspect of handling raw materials within numerous industries. We therefore use the know-how that we have accumulated over the years across all industries for the benefit of our customers.

For example, a conveying process that is used in the food industry can also be useful for conveying sensitive raw materials for the rubber/carbon black industry.

We transfer technologies, for example, that have been used for a long time in one area into other areas where they are regarded as innovations – and it is always our customers who benefit from this complex know-how.

Conveying technology

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The right conveying processes for individual requirements

We analyze the bulk material properties of our customers' products and take the system parameters, the concept of the entire system as well as the investment and operating costs into consideration. From this we develop the optimum system for their individual requirements.

We use different principles (variants) when it comes to conveying systems depending on the customer's specific requirements:
  • Pneumatic dilute phase conveying (Lean-Tec)
  • Pneumatic dense phase conveying (Dense-Tec)
  • Pneumatic bypass conveying (Twin-Tec)
  • Hydraulic conveying (Hydro-Tec)

Clever combinations are also possible, such as dilute phase conveying over long distances, then sorting and subsequently the use of gentle dense phase conveying. The conveying systems have an efficient modular design and the most economical solution is tailored to your product and your specific requirements. Our conveying systems are synonymous with process reliability, maximum efficiency and product-friendly transport.

Raw material handling from A to Z

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