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Benefit from knowledge across all industries

We have expertise in every single aspect of handling raw materials within numerous industries. We therefore use the know-how that we have accumulated over the years across all industries for the benefit of our customers.

For example, a conveying process that is used in the food industry can also be useful for conveying sensitive raw materials for the rubber/carbon black industry.

We transfer technologies, for example, that have been used for a long time in one area into other areas where they are regarded as innovations – and it is always our customers who benefit from this complex know-how.


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Simply clean

The starting point when it comes to cleaning is the prevention of contamination. The second point is the ease of cleaning. Our system solutions are also always developed on the basis of this maxim. No dead space, residue-free discharging, easy disassembly and the use of stainless steel even for the screws – these are only a few keywords for successful prevention. For example, our diverter valves have a patented geometric inlet and outlet design to allow the gentle flow-through of products without the build-up of deposits. The conveying direction is pressure-tight to prevent any product contamination occurring. Inflatable seals enable the washing of pipes without any additional effort.

We have also developed special hygienic versions of our system solutions particularly for the food and beverage industries. Pipe cleaning systems or CIP cleaning are other products that we provide for our customers.

Of course, we also have systems to “clean” the raw materials within the processing steps in addition to solutions for cleaning of the system. The isolation of gases and solids, the separation of fibers or dust from granulate or the removal of angel air during conveying are examples worth mentioning here.

Raw material handling from A to Z

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