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Always the best choice

A variety of different mixing tasks need to be solved in the manufacture of products. Zeppelin has various types of mixers available for this.

Henschel Mixers® have set standards for more than 60 years and are therefore one of the world’s most well-known machines for the plastics industry. In addition to plastics processing, our mixers are also used in the chemical, food, lacquer, paint, pigment and cosmetics industries.

Efficient production lines with high availability and reproducible product quality can only be achieved with optimum systems technology and a process that is designed for the specific requirements of the respective product. Our systems and mixers guarantee this in continuous and batch-based system solutions.



Manager Spare Parts & Customer Service for HENSCHEL-Mixers®

Tel. +1 9203364000

Stephen Marquardt

Director Food Processing Plants

Tel. +1 813 280 7831

Continuous turbo mixer

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Maximum output for your production

HENSCHEL-Mixer® for homogenizing, staining, coating, colouring/stabilizing as well as frictional mixing and dispersion of chemicalproducts and plastics with high throughput rates and lower cleaning

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