Plastic Compounding

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Compounding in synchronisation

The requirements placed on compounding systems are on the increase. We have solutions on hand. Even the most sensitive of materials can be compounded thanks to our newly developed screw elements. Special mixing elements ensure the gentle incorporation of fillers that only have a very low shear force applied to them thanks to the unique process technology.

In addition to twin-screw compounders, we offer a single-screw compounder as a supplement that is used as a basic extruder, for example, when compounding highly filled plastics. With a processing length of 8D it offers a continuous pressure build-up before the granulation process in a minimum amount of space – without a rise in temperature. The patent-pending screw elements are used in the co-rotating twin-screw RHC series compounders. This system solution offers yet further innovations.

Large screw elements with an innovative heating cartridge arrangement ensure optimum process conditions. The modular construction of the machine's supporting frame and the universal design of the heating and cooling system considerably reduce the need for maintenance and make cleaning easier. The sophisticated power feed on the side significantly reduces the energy consumption. New fixing modules save time when replacing the screws. The multi-positionable vacuum degassing is an example of our flexibility in responding to the needs of our customers. We largely dispense with the use of kneading elements, thus ensuring gentle processing without the destruction of materials.



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